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Happy New Year 2023

New year, new me and all that! It has been a very difficult few years, but I am slowly finding my feet. This year will focus on getting out, playing radio, doing some creative things. Hopefully all of the above will give me content for the site, which lets face it, has not been updated…

Weeding, Edging, Trimming.

Just some of the jobs we do at Birchwood Forest Park as volunteers. We work with Dave our Park Ranger. Today me and Dave did some tidying up of the public area around the main building.

The final curtain for DJ Badger

The DJ Badger brand has lasted many fun times and this time was no exception. But don’t worry, I went out with a bang. Only those involved will ever be able to tell the tale, but I left my mark, be it, good , bad or ugly. This is the end of DJ Badger and…

It’s all about the cwtchs!

BadgerFM fan Gaz aka Judge Cwtch sent us this TikTok he created from one of the shows. DJ Badger serenading the lovely DJ Beaver aka Welsh Lou.

The History of BadgerFM

It all began with #Speaker’s FM BadgerFM all began back in the year 2000. DJ Badger was a moderator for many online chat rooms on a platform known as IRC (Internet Relay Chat). While in the ircnet channel #speaker’s_corner, a conversation ensued about how cool it would be to have a radio station for the…

Keif Denimore chat show on Twitch.

Watch this space for exciting news as Keif Denimore of SecondLife fame looks to live stream on Twitch as well as appear in and around the virtual world here and there.

Amateur Radio

Here is where posts about my adventures in ham radio will go!


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