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The History of BadgerFM

It all began with #Speaker’s FM

BadgerFM all began back in the year 2000. DJ Badger was a moderator for many online chat rooms on a platform known as IRC (Internet Relay Chat). While in the ircnet channel #speaker’s_corner, a conversation ensued about how cool it would be to have a radio station for the chat room. Mr Badger, being your typical Linux geek got straight onto setting up an icecast server and so Speakers FM was born. The station was very popular and lasted until 2003 when the chat rooms slowly died as MSN and other messengers came online.

Radio Hams Ahoy – BadgerFM is born

In 2005 DJ Badger took his exam and became a radio amateur. He met with other likeminded people and a conversation ensued about online radio…..sound familiar? DJ Badger set up an icecast sever on a VPS and so BadgerFM was born. The station had a variety of shows with different DJs. DJ Badger & DJ Philly would do a regular weekday slots while DJ Markus & DJ Lollipop would have the weekend slot and often all DJs gathered at BadgerFM HQ (Mark & Lorrains House) for the weekend session of chaos and madnesss. BadgerFM opened its own channel on IRC and many people would take part in skype calls etc from that channel.

BadgerFM in 2021

2020/21 has been a difficult time for many, this includes DJ Badger. Loosing his job and his partner of 10 years took its toll, on an already fragile Badger. DJ Badger suffers from ill health mentally and has been working with doctors and medication to get himself in a better place. As part of that process DJ Badger decided to take a deep breath, face his fears and anxieties and re enter the world of entertainment, only this time live streaming. For the first time DJ Badger is on camera for all to see and interact with. The new live stream is more of a talk/topical station but music plays as well in the background. DJ Badger also plays his ORBA live, often laying down drum beats as well as singing comical songs to his viewers. The streaming platform of choice is part of the meetme group and the live streams are broadcast across the popular social/dating platforms Plenty Of Fish, Scout & Meetme.


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